wearing red high heels

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Every woman who has ever owned a pair of red high heels knows the opportune moment to debut them. Whether it is for a hot date or a morale booster when you are feeling low, red high heels can make the difference. As soon as the shoe meets the foot, an attitude change is apparent. The ambiance given off by the heels is one of confidence and assurance. Most women choose a party of some sort to display their new accessory, and when put in different contexts, the shoes can take on whole new meanings. When paired with a little black dress, red high heels devise a mission to find a new man, or make the old one jealous. They make a woman feel on top of the world, that she is the prize to be won. If at a regular party or bar, they make the statement: "knock 'em dead." When strutting through a party, red high heels grab the attention of surrounding guests. The guests' eyes dart from yours to the floor as they feel the need to check out your newest accessory. Red high heels bring out confidence in every woman. They make her feel sexy; they make her feel complete.