Identify your sadness or bad feelings here

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* What is sadness?

Sadness is characterized by visceral feelings of sorrow, unhappiness, and gloom.
* What symptoms can be associated with sadness?

* Visceral feelings of sorrow, unhappiness, and gloom.
* Drooping eyelids.
* Flacid muscles.
* Hanging head.
* Contracted chest.
* Lowered corners of mouth.
* Inner ends of eyebrows are raised.
* Eversion of the lower lip.
* Repeated swallowing movements as salivary glands release a viscous fluid.
* Tearing.
* Passivity.

* How does sadness differ from depression?

Depression is characterized by melancholic feelings of hopelessness and pessimism, with the following symptoms.
* Melancholic feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy.
* Hopelessness.
* Lack of interest in social activities.
* Withdrawn, silent demeanor.
* Inability to concentrate.
* Both insomnia and frequent, excessive sleeping.
* Both loss of appetite and ravenous appetite.