Do you believe in christmas? some thoughts

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Do you believe in christmas?

It can be a blissful and happy time for Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus, families and friends appreciating each other and getting together, relaxing for the first time all year and simply stopping and smelling the roses.

It can also be crippling for those on their own, parents who are no longer primary carers of their children, the impoverished. The gross consumerism involved puts a great deal of pressure on society as a whole and I feel we’ve gone way overboard.

I have a beautiful tree however, decorated by my beautiful children and their grubby little chubby fingers. Putting the tree up is a lovely family activity - if for no other reason than they enjoy sparkly shiny things hanging on the tree and taking part in the process. Santa will be stopping by Nirvana but doesn’t bring much to our home because there are so many children in the world who have so little. We have donated instead to worthwhile charities. I do love seeing their cherubic little faces light up when they receive a gift though - no matter what the occasion.

When my children are old enough to understand what’s behind ‘Christmas’ and no longer believe in Santa, we’ll be celebrating the Summer Solstice instead.