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Sexy legs should be displayed once in a while. They deserve to be shown off after all you may have taken care of them more than the other parts of your body. Beautiful sexy legs should be long and scar-free. They should not be kept under long skirts or loose pants. There are many ways of showing off sexy legs:

  • Wear mini skirts. Legs appear longer when the skirt is short, covering only about half of the thigh from the waist and exposing the entire legs.
  • Wear a skirt with a side slit. The slit allows your legs to be shown meekly, thereby getting admiring eyes to focus on your legs and wonder what is under that skirt.
  • Model your legs by wearing short shorts to interchange with a miniskirt. Go for a night out with this attire. Dance clubs and bars are often crowded with sexy legs and mini-skirts.