greek roman columns

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There are many different types of stone Roman Greek columns for different architectural applications, including indoor or interior column pillar, structural column pillar, non-structural column, outdoor or exterior column, half column or column split, solid column pillar, large wall column pillar, pedestal column. Based on cap and body style, Roman column can also be classified as corinthian column, ionic column and doric column. Amlink supplies a full line of preconfigured architectural Roman Greek columns and pillars in various column designs. Those columns can be made in marble, granite travertine, onyx sandstone and limestone. Amlink offers state of the art carvings on classic roman columns and pillars, available in various colors. Standard diameter of a large column pillar is 8-24 inches. For hollow large columns, typical skin has a thickness of around 3cm, made of three sections from three to four feet high (depending on the stone type) and can be configured up to 16 feet high. Typical finish for outdoor or exterior columns is honed while most indoor columns pillars are polished. Small pedestal column can also be used to make column table for indoor or exterior decorations. Round column is most popular although square columns and split round columns are commonly used as wall column decorations.