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Some popular free counters:

free counters

That's an interesting counter that takes the visitors from country, very useful, way better than the other traditional ones which only show total users...

world map hits counter
map counter

That's a great counter by map from 24counter, if you go to the map, you can see the maps from google maps and the approximate locations where people clicked to check your website, very nice.

This one is cool too showing the current users and IP. However the downside is that this can possibly scare some users (The idea of knowing your IP number may make you feel vulnerable, although nobody would really be able to find you, unless with huge efforts that no one can do in real life) This one is not pointing to this site, but the soccer news site.

Feedjit - This one is actually my favorite with real time updates and flags, only drawbacks are that the last visitors list is kind of limited to like 50 or something, another bad aspect would be to frighten some users so I suggest putting this widget way down so only someone who saw your whole site will get to see it ;)
24counter seems to have one of these, but i cant seem to find the script for it, if you know how, please tell me :)


Hi Stats - this one seems to have all the advantages, even can be hidden, many tracking options, I am liking it a lot... both can be seen to the right side of this blog.

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